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Rainsong Guitars makes state of the art carbon fiber acoustic guitars!

Warping necks, sharp fret ends, failing glue joints, lifting bridges, bellying soundboards, buzzing notes, wood cracks and other humidity-related issues should not be part of owning a fine acoustic guitar

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RainSong BI-WS1000-N2 Acoustic Guitar | The Music Gallery Rainsong Shorty Al Petteway Special Edition Copper Burst | The Music Gallery Rainsong WS-1000N2 Marine Burst Acoustic Guitar | The Music Gallery
The RainSong BI-WS1000-N2 Acoustic Guitar is impervious to humidity and climate changes. Rainsong Shorty Al Petteway Special Edition Copper Burst is perfect for the fingerstyle player! The Rainsong WS-1000N2 is a wonderfully versatile guitar and features a cool Marine Burst finish.
Rainsong COWS1005NS Acoustic Guitar | The Music Gallery Rainsong WS1000N2T Tobacco Sunburst | The Music Gallery Rainsong P14M Parlor Acoustic Guitar Marine Burst | The Music Gallery
A Rainsong COWS1005NS is a new listening experience for the player that accentuates the sparkling trebles and the full bass. This Rainsong WS1000N2T in Tobacco Sunburst is a great sounding, durable and versatile acoustic guitar! The Rainsong P14M in Marine Burst is loud and vibrant.
Rainsong H-WS1000N2 | The Music Gallery Rainsong H-OM1000N2 | The Music Gallery Rainsong H-DR1100N2 | The Music Gallery
The Rainsong H-WS1000N2 is a wonderfully versatile guitar. The RainSong Orchestra Model is the most refined of all RainSong shapes. The Rainsong H-DR1100N2 Dreadnought is the traditional workhorse of acoustic guitar music.
Rainsong CH-WS1000NS | The Music Gallery
This Rainsong CH-WS1000NS is the best of all worlds.