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Since 1974 The Music Gallery has been Chicagoland's Premier Guitar Shop. We have some of the best Luthiers and Music Teachers in Chicago.

Fender® Custom Shop Jason Smith Masterbuilt 1961 Stratocaster Relic in Salmon Pink

Guitar Of The Week!

Jason Smith knocked this Fender® Custom Shop Jason Smith Masterbuilt 1961 Stratocaster Relic in Salmon Pink out of the park!

It’s finish in a Faded Fiesta Red called Salmon and is a great, striking shade that certainly stands out. The neck is carved to a 60’s Oval C Shape and topped with AAA Dark Rosewood, a 9.5” Radius and 6100 Frets. The pickups are a set of Handwound Texas Special Pickups that have the perfect amount of heat when cranked up but smooth out with a roll of the volume control. They have nice quack in 2 and 4 and very bold sounds in 1, 3, and 5. Looking for a great sounding, unique looking Strat? Well, here it is!

Plek Machine

Does your guitar buzz when you play certain notes?

Do chords sound out of tune when you play them?

These are things that can be fixed when you have the frets and neck properly set up. Fine-tuning the neck and frets previously required hours of work by a skilled luthier. Now this can be accomplished in hours using out innovative German-built Plek machine.This incredibly sophisticated, computer-controlled machine scans and evaluates the positions of the strings, string height, and frets along the length of the neck. It then compares the measured result to stored optimum values. It then cuts and smooths the frets and nut to achieve the best playability with minimum string height. The result is a fretboard that feels great with every note ringing out clear and true.

The Plek machine can also cut a nut and plane a finger board.

We can only do Nickel Silver Frets. No Stainless Steel Frets.

Check out our videos and see it in action.

To make an appointment to have your guitar Plek'ed give us a call at 847-432-6350.

Taylor Roadshow

Taylor's friendly factory experts will demonstrate how different guitar shapes and woods affect tone, share tips on how to choose the right guitar for your playing style, and answer all your guitar questions. You will also be able to play and compare the latest models from the Taylor line, including guitars that feature Taylor's revolutionary design along with special Road Show-exclusive models and an assortment of Builder's Edition and custom guitars. Whatever your skill level, everyone is welcome, so whether you are a longtime Taylor player or you're thinking about getting your first guitar, join us for a fun, informative event.

When: Monday April 16, 2018

Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Admission is FREE!

Customer Testimonials

I have purchased two Guitars from Frank and also had one of my other guitars PLEKKed by George, and have been very happy with the transactions. The last guitar I purchased had a nitro lacquer neck that developed a very sticky feel and a sticky residue actually began to come off the back of the neck when the guitar was played for a moderate period of time. Frank stayed in contact with me constantly in an attempt to remedy the issue and when I was unable to fix the problem here, he asked me to return the guitar for inspection. After the manufacturers rep inspected the guitar, they decided to replace the entire guitar rather than to keep me waiting for repairs! The replacement was great, and the whole thing as handled in a super timely manner. Through it all, Frank stayed in touch by phone. I was expecting to get the run around from the manufacturer, but Frank really had my back! I am very happy with the way I was treated and I highly recommend the Music Gallery to all my friends!

Phil from Arkansas

Ive been using this great music store for the last 25 years! Frank, George and Chip are at the top of their game. True professionals and great guys. I only bring my guitars to them for work! I will not let anyone else touch my guitars. From custom Fenders to Martins, Frank is the man to see. I have purchased Custom Shop Tele's to great boutique amps. This is the only music store you need.


Just had my second guitar PLEK'd at the MG. George does an amazing job. Super detailed. Plays way better now!The customer service here is top shelf. Check them out. I am impressed.

LCM from Chicago

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The Music Gallery is one of only 14 Fender Custom Shop dealers in the world. We always have a large selection of Fender Custom Shop Master Built and Fender Custom Master Built guitars.

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